District Communication Regarding Monday's Eclipse

Please read this important update from MPS regarding Monday's Solar Eclipse.

Hello RMRE Families,

This afternoon I received an email from our superintendent, Dr. Michael Cowan, regarding protocol for the upcoming solar eclipse. Although many of our teaches have already planned activities for Monday, we may need to forgo some of these plans to ensure we are following the directives given by Mesa Public Schools:

The safety and welfare of Mesa Public Schools students and staff are a top priority for all of us. At the start of school on the day of the eclipse, in every MPS classroom, preschool to 12th grade, students should be reminded of the hazards associated with looking directly at the eclipse. Proper supervision is required for any students outside between 9 a.m. and noon, including students who must move between buildings or are dismissed during that time.
From 9 a.m. to noon, preschool to third-grade students will be on rainy day schedule. This means they will remain inside the school building.  Outdoor eclipse-related activities planned for 4th to 12th-grade students require safety precautions strictly enforced. Eclipse glasses and pinhole projectors must be used according to safety standards. Parents must be notified prior to any eclipse-viewing activities. Appropriate accommodations must be provided for students wishing to not view the eclipse.

If you have a 4th-6th grade child at our school, you may have already heard from your child's teacher regarding any plans for outdoor eclipse activity. It is up to the individual teacher in grades 4-6 whether or not they will do something outdoors with students. You must give permission in order for your child to participate in any of these activities. Your child will be welcome to stay inside if you do not permit them to participate in the outdoor activity. 

Please help us in emphasizing proper safety for our students. It is never safe to stare directly into the sun at anytime as it can cause serious eye damage. If you are interesting in more information on eclipse safety or possible viewing options for your family, several links are below for your reference.

Eclipse Safety:

NASA Eclipse 2017 - Safety

Solar Eclipse Safety Tips

Possible options for viewing:

NASA Live Video Streams of Eclipse

How to make a pin hole projector to view eclipse

DIY – Pinhole Projector

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's teacher or me directly. 

Thank you,

Sarah Collins, Principal

(480) 472-7901


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