RMRE Traffic Flow Map


CLICK HERE to view the traffic flow map for dropping off and picking up students.

Remember the following safety rules when dropping off or picking up your child:

  1. Only drop-off/pick-up students in designated areas.
  2. Do not allow students to exit the vehicle on the left side into the traffic flow - exit the right side of the vehicle unless the child has parental assistance.
  3. Do not park and leave your vehicle in the bus area (upper level) or the other drop-off and pick-up locations
  4. Do not park and then allow your child to walk across the parking lot unattended by an adult.
  5. Do not park and motion for your child to cross into the parking lot to get into your vehicle. 
  6. Always use crosswalks, even when in the parking lot areas.
  7. If you are dropping off or picking up a student on the upper parking lot, please exit onto Sugarloaf (see map)
  8. Visitor and parent parking is located on the lower parking lot. Teacher and overflow parking is located on the upper parking lot. 
  9. Please do not park in spots marked as reserved or as handicapped without the necessary plates/tags.