Monday, September 14, 2020

Hello Wonderful Families~

I hope you find Mashore's Post helpful. It will include news, week at a glance, daily assignments, and reminders.

Today's  news

Today I took students on a tour of our homeroom and we went over rules and expectations.  Students should come to class prepared and ready to learn each day with at 2-3 notebooks (ELA, Math and Science), pencils, pens/crayons, and the book we are reading.

Online Notebooks and Incentive Board

Notebooks: I created notebooks in our homeroom for ELA, Math, and Science. I will post notes taken in class so students that have special accommodations, missed a section, was absent, or late to class can go back and copy the notes in their notebook. This does not take the place of the important skill of taking notes.  Students are expected to take notes in class.  

Incentive Board: Five students will be selected throughout the week and their names will be posted on the Wall of Fame board as well as participate in Fun Activities. Students can earn this by having cameras on, participating, 100%, being on time, completing assignments, etc.. More information regarding rewards will be posted soon!

Our Schedule

Students work for the recommended 4 hours per day Monday-Friday. This includes LIVE sessions on synchronous days. It is not easy be an online student. It takes structure, dedication, and motivation. I recommend parents do a daily check-in with students to make sure all work has been completed.

Daily Assignments

Assignments are given daily. Students are to complete these assignments on the day assigned unless otherwise noted. It is easy to fall behind, so coming up with a daily check-in that works for your family is helpful.

This week

ELA: Aesop's Fables and Charly Did It Skill: Character Traits

Writing: Narrative

Math: Chapter 4 Understand Multiplication Lessons 1-3

Science: Coming Soon

To Do

Monday Morning Work

Read 15-20 minutes

Writing: Finish the Story Graphic Organizer #1

Math: Ch. 4 L. 1 Model Multiplication


See you tomorrow at 8:15!


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