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Supply List


Below is a list of suggested school supplies for your child. MPS supplies many of these basic materials, but I have found that most students enjoy having their own supplies. I provide personalized notebooks and a journal for each student.


·         1 box of 24 crayons

·         1 box of colored pencils

·         1 box of washable markers

·         2 reams of white copy paper

·         Lots of glue sticks (used almost daily)

·         Erasers (hand held or pencil top)

·         Pencils (If mechanical, replacement lead)

·         Accordion style expanding folder - to store assignments in desk

·         2 Red ink grading pen

·         Pencil pouch (Please no boxes - limited space in desks)

·         Scotch tape

·         Whiteboard/dry erase markers (whiteboards and eraser will be provided) - used daily

·         Highlighters - used daily (preferable 2-3 colors)

·         Earbuds (much more sanitary if they have their own)

·         Bag of Jolly Ranchers for the Candy Can!


To avoid an over abundance of specific classroom supplies, please use the following guideline if you are able to donate any of the following items:

·         Boys - box of tissues (ex. Kleenex) or band-aids

·         Girls - box of resealable baggies (gallon or sandwich size) or hand sanitizer


I am looking forward to a great year!!!  

Mrs. Mashore :)


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