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Dear Room 13 FAMILIES,


Welcome to fourth grade and room 13!  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with a new group of 4th graders.  The following items will help you understand the classroom procedures and expectations.




Your child will fill out a daily calendar.  This will indicate the daily assignments.  Please check this every night and sign the bottom.  A stamp indicates the assignment(s) is complete.  A circle indicates the assignment is incomplete/not turned in.  A circle initialed by me indicates the assignment was completed late.




This is a two pocket folder that your child will take home every Friday and bring back to school on Monday.  Inside the folder you will find graded papers, newsletters, and your child’s weekly behavior report.  Look over all of the papers and be sure to sign the Friday Folder Report.  Your signature indicates that you are aware of your child’s academic progress, as well as his/her behavior choices throughout the week.  Your child will receive points when the folder is signed by Monday and counts as no homework when not signed.  If you have any questions about the Friday Folder, please give me a call.  




            Home is an opportunity for a child to practice what he/she has learned that day and to prepare them for some part of the next school day. This preparation will help them succeed in the area studied. I require homework Monday through Thursday nights.  Students will most likely have a math worksheet each night.   


Students should be working on their math facts regularly.  They should have their addition and subtraction facts memorized, and be in the process of memorizing their multiplication and division facts.  Just five minutes a day makes a HUGE difference.  Concentrate on the facts they need to learn - with a three second recall.  

Students are also expected to study their vocabulary and spelling nightly.  These words can be found on the weekly newsletter or on the  RMRE fourth grade website.


Fourth graders should read 15 - 30 minutes each night.  Sometimes we have time to complete this at school.  A good reader becomes a better writer.  Students should always have at least two books checked out from the library (as long as nothing is overdue).  They may borrow books from the classroom library as well.


In addition to the nightly homework, students will be required to take unfinished classroom work home to complete.  This should not occur regularly as I allow plenty of time in class for them to finish.  If class work is sent home, generally it is because the student was off-task and not using his/her time wisely.  Students who have completed all the weekly assignments and have been good citizens can participate in a fun activity on Friday.




Take some time to explore the fourth grade website which can be found at  There are many resources offered.  You can also contact me via email me from here and my phone number is listed.  




School begins at 8:25.  Students should not be on campus any earlier than 8:10 due to no adult supervision.  School releases at 2:55 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Dismissal time is at 1:55 on Wednesdays.  




Our building requires that all visitors sign in and out through the front office.  This includes dropping off birthday treats.  No one will be allowed access to the building without checking in the office first.  Furthermore, please be sure you check out upon leaving the building.  If there were to be an emergency situation it is crucial the office staff has knowledge of who is on campus.   Please do not put any staff member in a position to deny access.  All staff is mandated to adhere to building policies per district in order to keep all of our students safe.  




For the safety of students, times have been removed.  Please call or refer to the parent packet if further information is needed.


2017 - 2018 Schedule


Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Media

Wednesday: P.E. & Strings

Thursday: Computer Lab (A Week)   Art (B Week) 


Friday:  Music


Recess: daily 

Lunch:  daily




I encourage you to send a water bottle with your child daily, especially during the hot months.  Water only please!  I also encourage a healthy snack which students are allowed to eat during recess.  




If your child is going to be absent, please notify the school office (472-7900) by 9:00a.m.  If you would like for another student to pick up missed work, I will have it ready after school.  Just email or call to let me know.   If your child is absent for an extended period of time, please make arrangements with me to picked up missed work.  




  A copy of the fourth grade report card is attached.  This is a new format with the Common Core criteria.  Mesa Public Schools report card has a grading scale from 1-4 for effort.  Skill performance will receive a letter grade.  Please refer to the top section of the report card for further description of what the grading represents. The student report card is directly correlated with the Arizona State Common Core Standards for instruction.  i encourage you to take a look at the fourth grade standards on the internet at  




Birthdays will be celebrated in class.  If you would like to send in a treat, please give me a call before hand so I have a heads up.  Our days are jam packed with academics and scheduling for treats is very helpful.  I will also be able to update you on the number of students we currently have as the number could change at any time.  The Health Department will NOT allow homemade treats.  Please be sure that treats are individually wrapped or store baked.  Our classroom is a nut free zone. Please plan ahead for this.  I will only allow nut free products into our classroom.  Please read the labels before you purchase the treats.  If they were made on a machine that handles nuts, unfortunately, they are not a choice for our classroom.  Thank you for keeping all of the children safe and healthy.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated over the last week of school.  Birthday treats that parents are bringing to school must go through the office.  The office will call our room for the student to pick them up. 




I will be reinforcing the three R’s, respect, responsibility and restraint, in my classroom.  Students will be given one warning before consequences are issued.  In conjunction with the three R’s, RMRE is beginning a behavior expectations program that will be taught and followed.  Understanding and applying appropriate behavior is an essential part of every school and learning environment.  Look for a Team STAR packet to be sent home soon.



I am looking forward to a productive year and am always open to your ideas and concerns.  Please contact me with any concerns or questions you may have.  I can be reached at 472-7933 or





Melissa Mashore