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Summer is here. Our last day of school will be May 23rd. We will resume school on August 6th. We hope you have a great, and safe, summer. School next year will begin 10 and end 10 minutes earlier. Our Wednesday, release times will also change to 2:15. Thank you for your support throughout the year. 

Summer school, for those enrolled, will begin on June 3rd at 8:00 am. The summer school manager will be Ms. Fanning who can be found under our staff page. If you are dropping off a student registered for summer school, please drop them off in the back of the school at 8:00 am. The front office will not always be open.

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Testing Time

Please be aware, we have begun our state testing here at Robson. Our students are currently taking AzMERIT in grades 3-6 and AIMS in grade 4. These are opportunities for students to show what they've learned throughout the year. Please help them by ensuring they arrive to school, well rested and on time. As always, thank you for your support

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