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Robson News

December Update

We are nearing the end of another quarter here at Robson. The grading period will end December 20th and students will be released extra early. We will be having our Winter Break from December 22 to January 5. Then our second week back, Dec. 13, parent teacher conferences will begin for the 2nd quarter to provide an opportunity for collaboration and progress on learning. During the week of parent teacher conferences, students will be released 1 hour early.

Please stay safe over break and enjoy the time together with family/friends. Thank you for allowing us to work together and for your support.

Robson All STARs

Mission: Foster a positive environment that enhances social, emotional, and academic excellence.

Vision: Cultivate successful and productive individuals who positively impact their communities.

We strive to create an environment where ALL students can be, and are, successful!

Robson ALL STARs are:

S: Safe

T: use Teamwork

A: are Accountable

R: Respectful & polite 

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