Congratulations for being nominated due to you upholding the STAR Expectations. You are showing all of us what being an ALL STAR is all about!

Mrs. Jones (kinder)

Cesar A.

Dalton D.

Ella T.

Jamileth C. M.

Ms. Wilcox

Aria E.

Seth S.

Jhonathan M.

Mrs. Sevigny

Alissa M.

Marco S.

Matthew T.

Mrs. Taylor

Jessica J. G.

Saydee T.

Mrs. Marx

Jayden R.

Emiliana H. L.

Mrs. Cassidy

Jada W.

Emiliana J. G.

Nathan O.

Mikaela R.

Mrs. Dixon

Kaycee W.

Bryan G. G. 

King J.

Ms. Frost

Marilyn P. V.

Ms. Berglund

Kiera C.

Miley H.

Everett C.

April G.

Ms. Zamora

Dylan R. R.

Dominic P.

Mrs. Baldacci

Aylin E. P.

Victoria P.

Maurico A. F.

Alexis G. H.

Ms. Miller

Ariana H.

Jena G.

Benjamin T. G.

Khristina B.

Ms. Murray

Aiden C.

Addy S.

Avi B.

Anthony G.

Ms. Jones (4th Grade)

Floridalma G. M. 

William G. G.

Ms. Escobar

Gabriela O.

Avion S.

Mrs. Pratt

Juan G. M.

Analysia N. S.

Alina R.

David S.

Ms. Riesterer


Sariah V.