Retest/Redo Policy

Robson Elementary believes in giving students multiple opportunities to measure student learning. We realize students learn at different rates and in different ways. Please review the following Redo/Reassessment policy and discuss it with your child(ren). We will also discuss this policy with your child(ren) to help them understand how to show what they’ve learned in ways that can motivate and benefit them.

In first grade, if students score below 70% on summative or formative math assessments, they will have three opportunities to redo those assessments. The reassessments will cover the same content, and be in the same format, but have different questions. Reassessment gives students the opportunity to show that they are continuing to work toward gaining proficiency on first grade standards and improving their grades.  Reassessments will be offered until students demonstrate mastery (70% or higher), up to three reassessments. Grades will reflect the highest score (up to 100%) that students received on the assessments.

Students will be expected to take part in an intervention before redoing an assessment. These could include tutoring, small group instruction during recess, or working with an instructional assistant.  Reassessments will be offered on Fridays during afternoon recess, as needed.

Missing/Late/Incomplete/Zeros Policy

  • All students are expected to complete assignments/assessments.

  • Students will complete assignments/assessments that are missing, incomplete, or have a 0 score on them in a small group as time permits.  This could be during specials, recess times, or before or after school.

  • All scores for missing, late, incomplete assignments/assessments that are made up will be accepted as the full score, and will be subject to the first grade retest/redo policy if the student scored below 70%.

Homework Policy

  • Homework should take 10-15 minutes, plus 10-15 minutes of reading each night.

  • Homework is passed out on Monday, and is returned on Friday.

    • Students will not be penalized for turning homework in late.

  • Homework is used as a practice and a way to establish study habits.