Curriculum for Kindergarten

Arizona college and career readiness standards for kindergarten

These are the key skills your child will be learning this year.

Language Arts

Phonological Awareness

·       First sound

·       Rhyming words

·       Syllables

Print Concepts

·       Letter names

Phonics and word recognition

  • Decode words
  • Letters sounds – short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds
  • Match upper and lower case letters
  • 50 sight words


·       Answer questions about a story or an informational text


·       Spelling – spell words using consonant-vowel and consonant-vowel-consonant

·       Accurately write grade level words

·       Correct letter formation

  • Narrative (stories)
  • Opinion (why you like or dislike something)
  • Informative/explanatory (reports)
  • Conventions – grammar, punctuation, spelling




       Read, write, and model numbers to 20

       Count to 100 by 1’s and 10s

       Count forward from any given number from 1-99

       Understand the relationship of numbers (1 to 1 correspondence, how many?)

       Compare sets of objects and numerals 1 -10 – greater than, less than, equal to

Operations and algebraic thinking

       Add and subtract fluently– facts (0-5) and fact families

       Solve addition and subtraction word problems within 10

       Compose, decompose, and find equivalent forms of numbers to 10


Number Operations in Base Ten

       Know teen numbers are 10 and some more ones (11 = 10 and 1), 11-19

Measurement and Data

       Describe measurable attributes of objects (length, width, weight)

       Compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common

       Classify, sort and count objects


       Identify and describe 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes

       Analyze, compare, create and compose 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes (number of sides, vertices)



       Know the difference between living and nonliving things

       Name the parts of the body (head, arm, leg …)

       Five senses


       Earth, plants, animals, magnets


Social Studies

       Wants and needs


       American symbols


       History - cultures


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