Robson Elementary   Redo/Reassessment Plan   Grade Level:  Kindergarten


Robson Elementary believes in giving students multiple opportunities to measure student learning. We realize students learn at different rates and in different ways. As a result our grade level team has collaborated to create a grade level policy. Please review this policy and discuss it with your child(ren). We will also be discussing this policy with your child(ren) to help them understand how to use the policy in ways that will help them to show what they’ve learned in ways that can motivate and benefit them.

School is a new experience for kindergartners.  They all come to school with different levels of knowledge and they all learn at different rates.  Therefore, in kindergarten, students will have multiple opportunities throughout the year to redo summative math and ELA assessments.  A score of 80% or higher will be deemed proficient. 

Formative and summative assessments will be used to plan reteaching and individualized instruction/interventions to support students in achieving proficiency prior to reassessing for a grade. Students may work in small groups with instructional aides or the classroom teacher during intervention time or recess.

Students will be given a time at recess or during the instructional day to redo assessments after taking part in interventions. Students will be able to earn up to 100% of the score for the given reassessment. If needed, students will be able to show proficiency in a variety of ways (orally, using manipulatives, using a model, writing, etc.)  Reassessments will be available to all students until the end of the last quarter of the year.  

Missing Work, Late Work, Incompletes, Zeros:

Students will be given time to complete missing work/assessments during a day following an absence as needed.  This may be during recess times, before and after school or as class schedule permits. Communication with parents pertaining to missing work/assessments will be on an individual basis.  All students will be expected to complete assessments as required to show understanding. 

Formative/Summative Assessments: 

In kindergarten we will use both formative and summative assessments to determine at what point a student has mastered a standard. Common formative assessments will used weekly/periodically to guide instruction. Summative assessments will determine mastery/proficiency of required standards.