Resubmitting Assignments/ Assessment Plan

Robson Elementary believes in giving students multiple opportunities to measure student learning. We realize students learn differently. As a result, our grade level team has collaborated to create a grade level policy regarding re-submitting work and assessments. 

Please review this policy and discuss it with your child.  The 6th grade teachers will also be discussing this policy with your child. This will help them understand how to use the policy to their benefit.

In 6th grade, students will have opportunities to redo or re-tests any unit assessment, exit ticket, or classroom work that will be taken as a grade.

Students will be expected to take part in an intervention before re-submitting an assessment or assignment;  such as tutoring, small group instruction during recess or working with another adult.

The grade they earn after a re-submitted assessment/assignment will be a chance to show that they’ve taken accountability for their learning and worked to increase their grades. Students will be able to earn up to 100% of the score for the given assessment/assignment.


All assessments/assignments that need to be re-submitted, will need to be completed within the same quarter it was assigned.

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