Meal Assistance Application Information
Welcome to Roosevelt Cafeteria.  We strive to make our food appealing to the children.  We strive to have a balanced diet for them.  Please encourage your children to eat their food and not discard it.  We do see a lot of waste from the students.

Please make sure your children have the correct change for their daily lunches as we are not able to make change while students are in line for lunch. We do not accept prepayments during the lunch session.  Money is to be given to the classroom teachers in the morning and sent to the cafeteria.

Since the Food & Nutrition Department does not extend credit to our students, a peanut butter lunch, which consists of peanut butter, bread, and a juice or white milk, will be provided for any child who does not have the full amount for his/her lunch.

Breakfast:  Roosevelt will be serving breakfast in the classroom. All students are able to eat a free breakfast daily.

Lunch:  Elementary lunch prices are $2.05 a day or $10.25 per week and $.40 a day or $2.00 per week for those students whose families qualify for reduced-price meal benefits.

Prices for the 2019-2020 school year will be as follows:
Elementary lunch........................$2.05

       Adult lunch .................................$4.00

The cafeteria manager is available to answer any questions between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm daily at school.  Messages may be left at 472-4209 and all calls will be returned by the following day.  Thanks for letting us serve you.

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