Mesa Public Schools offers the most highly recognized physical education program in the nation. This unique program is organized into three developmental levels. Each level has activities that are age appropriate, as well as developmentally appropriate. All classes K-6th grade have two 30 minute periods of P.E. a week. Each 30 minute period is divided into four parts:

Introduction (2-3 minutes) - Prepares the body for activity.

Fitness (7-8 minutes) - Each week students participate in fitness routines that enhance the Four Components of Fitness. The Four Components of Fitness are Cardiovascular Endurance, Upper Body Strength, Abdominal Strength and Flexibility.

Lesson Focus (12-15 minutes) - This part of the lesson focuses on movement skills, gross and fine motor skills as well as introducing sport skills. Each child has their own piece of equipment and each student is encouraged to be successful at their own ability level.

Game (5-7 minutes) - This time is used to enhance the skills learned during P.E. in a game situation and to learn about teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship.


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