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The primary mission of the Mesa Public Schools Department of Special Education is to provide appropriate special education programming for all students with educational disabilities and to promote programming that will accomplish the successful transition of disabled students from school to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, independent living, and community participation.

In the resource room we target Math, Reading, and Writing.  Each student has individual goals that are addressed and strengthened.  We collaborate with the home room teachers to accommodate and adapt curriculum to help students achieve success. Programs are based on the individual needs of each student to ensure that every learner achieves her/his potential.

Amy Jo Rosenbaum
SLD K-2nd Grade

Room B3

Andrea Susanto
SLD 3rd-4th

Room G2

Lucille Clark
SLD 5th-6th

Room G1

Morgan Guild
K/1st Autism/DD

Room C3

Ariel Demoret

Room A/B Workroom

Speech Language Program

Kathy Dees
Special Ed Clerk