The instructional day begins at 7:30 a.m. Students are expected to be at school every day and to be on time. Late students miss valuable learning time and interrupt the class. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school. If a student accrues five unexcused absences, or with eighteen or more total absences of any kind a citation may be issued to the parents for truancy. Parents must contact the school if their child is absent. Please call 472-8402 to report an absence.

There is a voice mail in operation 24 hours daily, so it  is convenient to leave a message for the office staff. If make-up work is requested, the teacher will be notified and will assemble the work as promptly as his/her schedule allows. Because the teacher is actively involved in classroom instruction during the school day, the work may not ready for parent pick-up until the following morning. Parents are encouraged to call the office to check on the availability of the work before coming to the school.

The state of Arizona has mandated new attendance guidelines in regards to calculating tardies and absences. Students must be in attendance for a longer period of time to be considered present. A student is considered to have excessive absences if they miss more than 18 days per year, whether excused or unexcused. If you have specific questions please contact the office at 472-8499.