Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why is History and Science not taught as much?

NCLB (No Child Left Behind) requires teachers to cover an enormous amount of standards in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science.  Therefore, teachers may find it necessary to integrate history and science concepts within reading, writing, or math instruction.


Why is so much time spent on teaching Reading and not on other subjects?

There are many advantages for spending more time helping students to become better readers and to help them become life long advocates of reading. Students with solid reading skills increase the likelihood of staying in school, graduating from high school and continuing their education, self esteem increases along with their self confidence, making better decisions; the list goes on and on. Better readers perform better in other subjects too.


Are the buses safe?

Every Mesa Public School bus and driver must comply with state regulated guidelines. The student’s appropriate or inappropriate behaviors increase/decrease the safety factor of the bus. It only takes one person to jeopardize the safety on the bus. This is why all students must comply with high behavior expectations at all times.


Why do students need to do timed math tests?

The issue isn’t necessarily about the fact that the test is timed. It is more about testing whether or not the student can quickly recall the answer without thinking. Timed math test are given to the students to see if they know basic one digit math facts which is critical in order to build additional mathematical concepts.


Why does Salk School start so early in the morning?

Salk is surrounded by several other schools. Starting school before the others allows our students to be in class first. Traffic flow in and out of our school is more efficient and has cleared in time for our neighboring schools to begin their day. Staggering the start time is a win-win for everyone.


Why doesn’t Salk wear uniforms?

There is a Mesa Public School procedure in place if our community would like to move in the direction of a student school uniform. If this concept is appealing to you, please call the office to voice your opinion. It will be put on the SIAC (School Improvement Advisory Council) agenda for discussion.


Why can’t there be a shade covering in the Kiss and Go area?

Shade covering in the Kiss and Go area was explored at great lengths during the 08-09 school year. In fact, Mrs. Bird and a group of sixth grade students looked into this. After hours of research and conversations with experts, it was determined a shade covering in the Kiss and Go area would not be a good investment. A shade covering would not necessarily provide proper shade for the students at dismissal time due to the angle of the sun.


What is the “No Bullying” policy?

In order for our school to succeed in being a no bullying school it is necessary for every person at school to respect them self and others. When as few as one person violates the lack of respect for anyone, our school is not bully free. It is an expectation that all individuals, including parents, who are associated with our school in anyway, will help create a positive environment where all individuals can learn and grow. 


How are behavioral problems handled?

Students are required to manage their own behavior inside and outside of the classroom. However, when this is not possible, the classroom teachers will follow through with their individual classroom discipline plan.


Students who are unable to manage their own behavior outside of the classroom will be subject to school wide consequences which were created by our SIAC. (School Improvement Advisory Council)


Why is the school still responsible for my student after they step off the bus?

Mesa Public Schools accepts responsibility for students’ safety from the time they leave their home in the morning until they return to their home at the end of the day.


Why can my child choose pop tarts or doughnuts for breakfast?

Students can choose pop tarts and doughnuts because they are made with whole grain products with at least one gram of fiber. This meets the federal government requirements for the meals for students. All of our breakfast and lunch foods are approved by the state and federal departments. We give 1/3 of the RDA for each meal. The doughnuts are made especially for the school.