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Office Procedures


Please notify the Salk office at 472-8499 as soon as possible, providing the student's name, grade, teacher's name and the reason for the absence. If your child's absence will be more than two days, please contact the teacher for homework.


Please notify the office of any address or phone number changes as soon as possible. It is important we have current numbers to notify you in case of an emergency.


Please make sure that you notify the office of changes in after school instructions in the morning at 480-472-8400.  All messages will get relayed once per day, as interrupting classrooms with messages in very disruptive.


If you are planning to move over the summer, or are enrolling your student in another school, please let us know. This helps us prepare and forward your child's records, enabling his/her transition to be smooth. Please call Mrs. Vicki Eastwood, Registrar, at 472-8499 with any questions.


If your child loses an article of clothing, school materials, a lunch box or other possessions, please check the lost and found located in the Multipurpose room. It's a good idea to label personal possessions so that we may easily locate the owner. Unclaimed items are donated to local charities periodically.


Cell phones, toys, balls, skateboards, skates, make-up, athletic equipment, electronic devices, are prohibited at school. If a student brings these items to school we will have to confiscate them. Your property will be returned when a parent or legal guardian comes to the school to pick up the item.


We welcome visitors to Salk. In the interest of student safety, any person who is not a student of the school, or an employee of the school, immediately upon entering  the school campus when school is in session, must stop in the office, sign in and obtain a visitor badge.


Please do not go to your child's classroom even if you are just dropping off homework, lunch, or money without checking in at the office first. We would like very much not to interrupt learning and testing time. If you are on campus and go beyond the office and are not wearing a visitor or volunteer badge, you can expect to be asked by our staff to go to the office and sign in. (Please be patient with us while we get to know you and if we have to ask for I.D.)