School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC)

Purpose Statement

The Salk SIAC will represent interested local communities including parents, teachers, school staff, businesses, and citizens. This council will serve in an advisory capacity to the school administration for the purpose of improving the quality of education experienced by Salk students and improving efficiency of Salk.

Council Composition

  • School Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Community Members

Council Responsibilities

(May include any or all of the following.)

  • Review school goals.
  • Review statistical results of the school's parent satisfactory survey.
  • Review the school's report card prepared by the Arizona Department of Education.
  • Review the school's handbook.
  • Review the school's rules regarding student safety and discipline, including dress and grooming.
  • Review a request for optional travel when SIAC review is required by district policy.
  • Determine the distribution of extracurricular activity tax credit contributions that have not been designated for a specific activity by the contributor.
  • Review and adopt the school's parent involvement guide if the school is a Title 1 school.
  • Any additional duties that are recommended by the principal and Superintendent and approved by the governing board.

If you have any questions concerning the nomination, election process, or interested in serving on the council, please feel free to contact the principal, Mrs. Vicki Hester at 472-8402.


Vicki Hester
Patti Pullins
Becky Minarcik
Letricia Martin
Lucille Clark
Amy Price