Student Council

STUCO  At Salk, we believe that our students need opportunities for leadership development. Student Council is an excellent opportunity for students, grades 4-6, to become positive role models for our entire school community. Each year, interested upcoming 6th grade students who are ready and committed to a year of service, run for office in our Student Council Government. These students meet with adult sponsors, decide upon an office, write a speech, and create campaign posters, these candidates present their speeches to grades 3-5 and are voted into office by their peers. In regular student council meetings, we vote on how to spend student council funds, what community projects to participate in, and how to get the whole school to work together and become the leaders of tomorrow. The children have many chances to shine and make a difference. Meetings are traditionally held once a month during school hours and may occasionally need to be held a few extra times depending on the activity.

Student Council Goals

Our #1 goal is to install pride in our school across campus every day every hour. We plan to focus on activities which:

  1. Increase school spirit
  2. Increase community involvement
  3. Increase fundraising
  4. Increase campus beautification

017-2018 Officers

President -  Victoria         

Vice President  - Cierra

Secretary  -  Emily           

Treasurer  -  Elizabeth