Scholarship Search Tips:

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Searching for scholarship money is serious business. You are trying to earn enough to get to college! You must be focused and organized.

1 Searching on Google needs to be filtered and narrow. Use key words that are unique to you: race, ethnicity, heritage (  - American), talent, experience, geographic area, specific college, 1st generation to college, religion,  left-handed, tall, short – you get the idea. And don’t forget to use your future career choice as another possible search word.

2  Now Get Organized! Create an Excel spreadsheet to help keep track of everything: The name of the scholarship, due date, website, any contact information, what is required (letters of rec, transcript, essays), date you completed each step, submitted date

3 Be smart. There are lots of websites that want money to help you search. Do not fall for it.

4 Stay in the Loop! Sign up for Google Alerts to send you email notices whenever a new scholarship with your search key words is posted. Create Due Date notices on your Google calendar at least one week before the actual due date.

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