School Safety & Security

School Safety & Security Services provides security coverage to the Mesa Public School District.  During the school year, our primary focus is two-fold:

1)  To provide for the safety and security of our students, teachers, and staff in order to provide a safe learning environment.

2)  To keep students and parents in compliance of the truancy laws by utilizing proactive methods of enforcement.

Additionally, we report on incidents occurring in and on our campuses, acting as liaisons for the local law enforcement during the investigations of the crimes committed on our school sites.





Be prepared for the Flu Season

Crime Prevention Tips

Administrative Services Center Emergency Procedures

Curriculum Service Center Emergency Procedures

Vehicle Maintenance Stapley Yard Emergency Procedures


Emergency Respond Planning and Training Policy

Emergency Bucket List

Evacuation Protocol

Lockdown Protocol

Lockdown Protocol Powerpoint

Lockdown/Evacuation Drill Report

Bomb Threat Protocol

Safety Protocols for Schools/District Sites


Child Abuse Protocol - October 2016

Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting Video (For New Employees) 

Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting Video (For Current Employees)

Child Abuse Mandated Reporting Power Point - 2016

Child Abuse Reporting Tri-Fold Card

Child Abuse Form Instructions - 2016


Crossing Guard Guidelines

Crossing Guard Class - March 2017

Crossing Guard Class - April 2017

Crossing Guard Class - May 2017


RAD Classes (Rape Aggression Defense Systems) - February 2017


Video Recording Request

Drug Presentation