Ronda Carlson

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The 2014-2015 school year is my forth year at SHARP and I am excited to be here for you and your student.  I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Education and Special Education.  I am highly qualified to teach 1-8 General Education and K-12 Special Education.  I have worked with the special needs population focusing on behavior disorders since 2003.

Our classroom focuses on the use of technology to communicate with our world.  Everyday, students are encouraged to use multiple technology options to enrich their learning experience on their journey to self effacacy.  It is my goal to not only advocate for my students but also teach students how to advocate for themselves.

Welcome to our classroom.

Ms. Ronda



2014 Engineering in Education

The Play-Doh Process


Students in room 3 participated in the engineering in education grant where they were introduced to the field of chemical engineering.   Students participated in data collection through surveys, reading, scientific calculations, creation and improving their creations.





2013 Submission to Story Pirates

Pirates and Ninjas

Written By: Kurt, Kevin, Brooke, Angelo, Jayden, & Michial

            Once upon a time on a sunny day, grumpy pirates sailed the sea. They found a secret island with ninjas. Then the pirates saw gold on the island. They became very excited. When the pirates looked to the left they saw a lot of snakes. Terrified, they ran back to the boat. All of a sudden, sharks attached the boat and it sank. A flock of giant eagles snatched them out of the water. The eagles put the pirates in their high nest full of eggs. Suddenly, the snakes, that they had spotted earlier, came to rescue the pirates. The pirates took the snakes back to the island. The ninjas and pirates loaded a boat with all the gold. Then they decided to donate all of the treasure to orphans.