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Important Information

                                                           A 2013

Principal: Eileen Cahoon                                           

Team Leader: Jennifer Chilton

Main Office:  480-472-1800

Counseling:  480-472-1816

Attendance:  480-472-1805

Fax:  480-472-1888

Health Office:  480-472-1812

Registrar:  480-472-1803

Final Week Reminder

All 7th and 8th graders: No backpacks the last week of school.  You can carry your binder. You will need a pencil. Girls may carry a small purse but your binder should not be able to fit into your purse.

If you bring any toys, including water toys, you will be immediately sent home


You can purchase inserts for autographs for your yearbook for $5 in the bookstore. You will receive your yearbook on the last day of school. All outstanding fees need to be paid in full before you will receive your yearbook.

Thursday, May 21 will be the yearbook signing in the morning for 8th graders and in the afternoon for 7th graders.  Please make your messages to other students are school appropriate.  Do not sign clothing that other students are wearing or write on each others skin.


If you write on skin, yours or others, you will be immediately sent home.

8th Grade Pool Party

May 21st from 1:45 to 3:40

All students must show an ID to get into the Pool Party.

Dress Code for Girls:

1 piece suit

2 piece suit with a t shirt that covers the mid-drift


String Bikini bottoms with shorts

No white t shirts

Shoes to and from the pool

Students need to be fully covered when not at the pool


Dress Code for Boys:

Shirt to and from the pool

Shoes to and from the pool



Students need to bring their own towels

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