Shepherd recognized as an Arizona Civic Engagement School of EXCELLENCE!

SCHOOLS OF EXCELLENCE demonstrate an excellent understanding and systemic implementation of the six proven practices in civic learning.  Way to go Stallions!

Proven Practice #1: Provide instruction in Civics, Government, History, Economics, Geography, Law and Democracy.

Proven Practice #2: Incorporate discussion of current local, national and international issues and events into the classroom, particularly those that students view as important to their lives.

Proven Practice #3: Design and implement academic Service-Learning teaching strategies in which teachers link the formal curriculum and classroom instruction directly to community service project(s).

Proven Practice #4: Offer extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for students to get involved in their schools and communities.

Proven Practice #5: Encourage student participation in school governance.

Proven Practice #6: Encourage students' participation in simulations of democratic processes and procedures, e.g., mock trial, mock elections, voting simulations.


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