Course Description: This is a year-long college preparation course.  The focus of this elective class will be to develop the study habits of successful college students and to build a variety of skills that will help you better prepare for college. Although we will be in tutorials two days a week starting mid-September, as well as learning how to prepare for college, the main emphasis of this course is the development of skills that will help you be successful in rigorous college coursework.


Class Materials: 2 or 3 inch three-ring binder, college rule note paper, Cornell note paper (provided), Tutorial Request forms (provided), a zipper pencil pouch, black pens, pencils, and highlighters.


Class Activities: 


1. Organization-You will be expected to organize your course materials in a class binder. The description of this binder will come later in a separate handout. We will regularly have binder checks for a grade.

2. Note Taking-You are expected to take Cornell Notes each week in AVID class. Additionally, you are to take notes in other academic classes. When you can’t take notes, you will need to write learning logs. Keep the notes/learning logs in your binder in chronological order, organized by class. The number of pages of required notes will be determined by your AVID teacher.

3. College Preparation Activities-You will be assigned periodic activities that are designed to help you prepare for college. You should embrace these activities as necessary, not only for a class assignment, but for success in your life.

4. Tutorials- Twice a week, you will need to come prepared for tutorials. Being prepared means that you have completed a TRF (Tutorial Request Form) the night before tutorial with a level two or level three question in one of your academic classes. Preferably, your tutorial question is in an area in which you are most struggling. During tutorials you are expected to be an active participant, which means not only do you get help with your question, but you help others with theirs.

5. Academic Research/Essay Writing- Sometimes we will spend time conducting academic research or writing other college-related essays. The purpose of these essays will be to help you learn the research process and the norms of academic writing. Genres of Academic Research Essays will vary.

6. Discussions- We will hold a variety of Socratic discussions. Everyone is expected to be prepared and to participate in discussions.


 Class Rules/Policies:


1. Attendance- I will follow the MPS district attendance policy. More than nine absences will result in loss of credit from the course.

2. Electronic Devices- Please use electronic devices in accordance with the school and classroom policy.  

3. Late Work- Late work will be accepted, but there may be a penalty assigned by your teacher for work turned in past the due date.

4. Restroom- Follow correct procedures to use the restroom.

5. Behavior- You will always be on your best behavior. If for some reason there is an issue, I will follow these policies:

                             a. You will first receive a verbal warning.

b. If the behavior continues, you will be moved out of the room to a desk in the hallway.  

c. If the behavior still continues, you may be given a detention.  If this occurs, parents will be called.

d. If you choose to continue the behavior, you will be referred to Administration for possibly for in-school detention which may include AVID probation for behavior issues.


Academic Monitoring: Your AVID Elective teacher will frequently check on the progress in your other classes. If you are not achieving grades of C or higher in your courses, your AVID Elective teacher may initiate the probation process. When you are on probation, you will be expected to create and follow an improvement plan.


Grades: There will be a standard grading scale used in this class.


                A  = 90-100%

                B  = 80-89%

                C  = 70-79%

                D  = 60-69%

                F  = 0%-59%


Your grades will be determined according to the following approximate percentages:


                Tutorials: 40%

                Binder Checks: 30%

                All other assignments: 30%


Closing: I have an open door policy. Come see me anytime if you have any questions or would like extra tutoring regarding the course materials. If I can’t help you for some reason, I can find someone who can.  Take advantage of tutoring offered in all subject areas before or after school.


AVID Teacher Contact Information

Dana L. Dixon