Mr. Timothy Cox

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BA English Education, Spanish Minor       2007        Brigham Young University

I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in English at ASU.

I grew up in Mesa and Gilbert.  I met my wife at piano lessons, so I highly recommend musical training.  We have nearly-2-year-old twin girls who bring nuclear levels of cute and chaotic to our home.  In my spare time, I love to read, play sports, and sleep (a luxury I treasure when it comes my way).  Before coming to Shepherd, I taught one year of 10th grade English in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  I have taught at a variety of classes Shepherd for 10 years: English, creative writing, computer basics, y la clase de español también!  I am quite fond of the school and the promising pupils it produces.  I sincerely welcome all questions and thoughts parents may have.

If you seek useful (or accurate) information, do not read on.

Deep in the shadowy, stucco-lined avenues of mythical suburbia, a man-child was born.  His parents gave him the first name of "Mr.," inadvertently sealing his fate as an educator.

Mr. Cox, or "Mr.," as his friends called him, grew up on the tough streets of Mesa and Gilbert, dodging dangerous Dachsund dogs and ducking devious de-clawed cats.  Fighting the oppression of The Man, he went off to college and got his degree in English teaching, with an emphasis on espionage.  Spurning offers to play in the NBA and the NFL, Mr. Cox instead returned to his home town and began teaching at Shepherd Jr. High.

In his spare time, Mr. Cox loves to hang out with family and friends, read books late into the night, play all kinds of sports, and consume many foods, most of which are considered edible by the FDA.

Mr. Cox is married to the fabulous Mrs. Cox, who was coincidentally named "Mrs." by her own parents.  They are the parents of twin baby girls whose level of adorable-ness has been formally designated as nuclear by the Federal Infant and Nuclear Fission Assessment Commission (FINFAC).  A picture is appended below.  As a precaution against cute-radiation, please wear industrial-grade goggles, or at the very least squint when viewing the picture.

Cute babies


Q:  Is Mr. Cox human?
A:  Conclusive genetic testing has not been conducted, but most experts classify him as human unless they're putting money on it.

Q:  Does Mr. Cox actually have a degree?
A:  Yes.  In English Teaching.  This gives him license.  To write in fragments.  Mr. Cox is also allowed to write in run-ons, even so, he finds them distasteful.

Q:  Does Mr. Cox have a girlfriend? A wife?
A:  Mr. Cox's social life is shrouded in mystery.  If you haven't deduced his marital status from the text above, come enroll in a reading class at Shepherd!

Q:  What do I have to do to get an A in Mr. Cox's class?
A:  Homework.  For starters.

Q:  What does Mr. Cox do outside of school?
A:  Mr. Cox actually doesn't exist outside of school.  When he finishes a day at Shepherd, he slowly vaporizes until nothing remains but a tie and a pair of shoes.  Then, each week morning, before school starts, the dust in his room begins to swirl around, magically converging and congealing.  Within a couple of minutes (or a bit longer on a test day), the swirling maelstrom has taken shape, and Mr. Cox, dapper and tastefully attired, is ready to teach once again!

Q:  What is the legendary "Treasure of Mr. Cox"?
A:  Long ago, when Mr. Cox was much younger, he led a prospecting expedition in the Andes mountains of Peru.  They stumbled upon an ancient mine filled with bricks of Swiss gold, Aztec doubloons, and British crown jewels.  Fighting off the carnivorous, fire-breathing guardian-llamas of the mine tomb (it was also the tomb of a Ching dynasty Hindu-Mayan shaman prince), Mr. Cox and his intrepid crew escaped to America.  However, internal strife and jealousy led to a bitter feud.  Thwarting an assassination attempt, Mr. Cox stole away with a large portion of the treasure, hid it somewhere in the crevices of Red Mountain, and promptly forgot about the whole thing.  If you ask him about it, he will respond with a wistful, blank look and then say, "What?"  True story.