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In an increasingly globalized world, language skills open doors.  Shepherd Jr. High offers Spanish to give students a start in developing their language skills and widening their perspective of the world.  For more information about the MPS World Language Programs, click aqui.

End-of-year Challenge Test

Students enrolled in world language courses at the junior high, will have the opportunity to challenge the high school curriculum by taking the STAMP 4S, an objective, web-based language proficiency assessment at the end of their 8th grade year.  The assessment engages students in real-world scenarios in order to determine proficiency in the domains of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking in the target language.  Students demonstrating proficiency on the assessment will be awarded one (1) high school world language credit in Mesa Public Schools.  The credit  and grades earned in the junior high world language course will be recorded on the MPS senior high school transcript, included in the student’s GPA and College Core, and will not be removed.  Parents and student should be aware that senior high schools outside of Mesa Public Schools are not obligated to accept the MPS assessment results as evidence of “earned” high school credit.  Students who demonstrate level I proficiency on the assessment will be eligible to enter a level II class of the same language in their freshman year (9th grade).  The district world languages department will notify the high schools and parents providing them with results and placement recommendations prior to the onset of 9th grade.  For more information about the assessment, please visit








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