Skyline Family Pass

Being a fan provides hours of excitement and fond memories but can put a strain on the wallet.  However, families who want to cheer on the Coyotes can still root for the teams without going into debt.  By purchasing a family pass for $75, a family could considerably reduce the amount paid in admission fees over the course of the year!

Schools throughout the state began charging admission because of the rising costs of employing officials and staging athletic contests.  The family pass helps alleviate these charges by covering admission for immediate family members of one Skyline family to all regular season home sporting events.  Events to which Mesa Public Schools charges admission include:

¨      Varsity, junior varsity and freshman football

¨      Varsity, junior varsity and freshman volleyball (boys & girls)

¨      Varsity, junior varsity and freshman basketball (boys & girls)

¨      Varsity and junior varsity soccer (boys & girls)

¨      Varsity, junior varsity and freshman wrestling


Your family pass may be purchased by mailing the form below or by stopping by Skyline’s Bookstore.


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Checks may be mailed to the Skyline High Bookstore, 845 S. Crismon Road, Mesa, AZ 85208

Please send me a Skyline Athletic Family Pass.  My check for $75, made payable to Skyline Athletics, is enclosed.

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