Snowflakes for Soldiers

A Drive to Do Good

Skyline is home to what we consider to be stellar athletics, incredible academics, and even more, a drive to do good. Our latest project is a campaign for service: "Snowflakes for Soldiers." We want to show our appreciation this winter to American servicemen and women serving around the globe. Check out the video below for a short explanation of our initiative!

We know that what our military members do is invaluable, and hope that our small act to show our gratitude might touch their hearts; and because Skyline does nothing short of "making history," we have set a goal to send 10,000 snowflakes, each with brief words of appreciation, through the "A Million Thanks" organization by Friday, December 19.

Drop-off Location
Social Media

We know that social media can be a powerful force for good! Post or tweet a photo of you with your snowflake and use the hashtag #SnowflakesForSoldiers and a brief message about why you're participating in the project. This is a service opportunity open to anyone and everyone!

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