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two year vs four year colleges and universities pro/con

Both community colleges and universities are fantastic paths to take after high school. Here's a list of pros and cons for each to help determine which is best for you!

Community College


Cost Effective- Community colleges are exponentially more affordable than a university.

Flexibility- If you're planning on working or have other obligations in addition to school, community colleges offer a variety of night classes to help those who can't attend day classes.

Opportunity- Are you wanting to attend college but still unsure what path is right for you? Community colleges are a ton of really interesting courses that would allow you to try new things that could still go towards a general associate's degree. 

Class Size- A smaller school gives a great introduction to college life while still having the comfort of smaller class sizes.


Two Years- While community colleges offer a plethora of certificates and associate degrees, if you're seeking after a bachelor's or more then you will have to transfer after your two years.

Off campus living- While there are clubs and activities at smaller schools, they do not offer on campus living, so if you're looking to live up the dorm life, this is not the best option for you.



Campus Life- Four year colleges offer dorm/ on campus living that gives students greater opportunities to meet new people and have a wider variety of social experiences. 

Degrees- If you are someone that knows you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, or any other profession that requires a master's or doctoral degree, then it may be in your best interest to attend a university right out of high school. You won't have to go through the ropes of transferring, and you can also find like minded people to help you go through this journey together. 


Debt- Going to school at a university is incredibly expensive. One year can easily cost more than $20,000, (Be sure to apply for financial aid, scholarships and grants to help with these costs)

Career Path- It can be difficult to switch degree tracks once you dedicate yourself to one because there might not be space in the program you want to switch to. 

Distance- Spreading your wings after high school sounds like a dream as a high school senior! But make sure it's the right decision for you. If you choose to go to a university that is more than a few hours away from your family going home on the weekends to use your parents' laundry room and raid their fridge is probably unrealistic. 

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Ms. Kelly Cobos- MCC Advisor



Mesa Counts on College

Flyer Mesa Counts on College - FAFSA, College Applications, ACT/SAT preparation, GED, post secondary resources

Contact Lisa Harris lisa.cartwright-harris@mesaaz.gov

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