October 13, 2021




Who:   Class of 2023 (11th) and 2024 (10th) Students

  • ALL 10th & 11th grade students are encouraged to test.  

  • There is no need to sign-up. No Cost. MPS District is paying for 10th & 11th testers.


When: October 13, 2021, 8:00 a.m. – 12:15


Where:  11th Grade will test in the 200 Bldg

  10th Grade will test in the 800 Bldg


Why:  The PSAT test offers an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience in academic testing, as well as provide practice and estimated SAT scores, National Merit Scholarship eligibility status, and Advanced Placement Potential data.  Sophomores have the unique opportunity to take the PSAT both this year and next.  Taking the test as a tenth grader allows students to become familiar with the format and content of the test in preparation for next year.  Junior-year scores provide the opportunity for students to place in the National Merit Scholarship programs and receive other academic recognitions valued by colleges and universities across the country.


What to Bring on Test Day:

  • Picture ID (School ID or Driver’s License)

  • Two #2 lead regular pencils. Mechanical pencils will not mark the answer document enough.

  • Calculator

  • Snacks and drinks (which must be under your desk during testing)

  • Extra batteries and backup calculator

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