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Class of 2019

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Flinn Scholars Program to host five information sessions this spring

The Flinn Scholars Program will  host five information sessions across Arizona in March and April. The information presented will be valuable for all high-school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. These sessions will provide students and their parents or guardians the opportunity to meet current Flinn Scholars, learn tips for applying, and talk with Honors and admissions staff about the...
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SCAM ALERT: College Admissions Assistance

Students may have received an invitation to an event hosted by College Admission Assistance (CAA) offering help with college admissions and financial aid eligibility. It appears personalized for the student stating they have "helped thousands of students get accepted into a college of their choice, and receive millions of dollars in financial aid offers."  Their services are not...
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Greg Schultz

Junior Assistant Principal, Athletic Director



Melissa Preuhs

Class of 2019 Student Advisor