Looking for Scholarships?

Looking for scholarships?

 Here are a few tips to remember:

  • When you decide to apply to a college, the first thing you should do is contact the admissions office to request a list of scholarships offered by the school. 
  • Employers - Employers can have scholarship programs available not only to employees but also to employees' children and sometimes even extended family. 
  • Community/Clubs & Organizations, Church - Check with their offices or bulletin boards for local scholarship opportunities
  • Raise.me  -  Check out this website for micro-scholarships. Earn scholarship money while in school
  • Earntolearn.org - Planning on attending one of our in-state universities and you have a job?  Check out this website to learn if you qualify for a match for saving.  Save $500 and the university matches it with $4000!
  • MESACAN - Through the A New Leaf Foundation if you enroll in an IDA (Individual Development Account) and save $1000 you get a match of $3000.
  • Look at the MPS Scholarship bulletin (it is in the process of being updated) often for new scholarships


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