Battalion Commander: C/ LTC Olivia Jaqua
C/LTC Jaqua is in her 4th year of JROTC and is the Commanding Officer of the Skyline Coyotes JROTC battalion. She is also the president of Christian Club and was on the City of Mesa Mayor's Youth Committee in 2012-2013. She also attended the General Tommy Franks Four-Star Leadership Academy this past summer.

Executive Officer: C/MAJ Jacob Oubre
C/MAJ Oubre is in his fourth year of JROTC and is the Battalions Executive Officer. He is in charge of the Battalion Staff end ensures they carry out the Battalion Mission.


S-1: C/PFC Mariah Willams


S-2: C/2LT Uriel Barraza

S-3: C/CPT Guillermo Marquez


  S-4: C/2LT Donovan Lassiter


S-5: C/SFC Ryan Kinnaman


S-6: C/MSG Ashley Ehli