AP Music Theory combines written music, composition, and analysis with aural skills that include rhythmic, melodic and harmonic dictation with sight singing.  

AP Music Theory Tentative Syllabus 

This class is not for begining level students.  A basic understanding of music and an ability to read at least single lines of music is paramount to successful completion of the course.  The following websites are helpful for both preparation for, and practice during the course.







Class Materials

Students will need the following materials every day in class.

  • Staff Paper
  • Multiple SHARP pencils
  • A personal clip board or lap desk. (Students will be able to store these in the classroom.)
  • A good eraser (Art gum works best)
  • A three ring binder
  • Text Book (If possible a class set of textbooks will be provided.)

Texts: (Provided)

Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne - Fifth edition

Music for Sight Singing by Robert W. Ottman and Nancy Rogers - Seventh edition