Open Enrollment

Open enrollment allows Arizona students to attend public schools outside their attendance area or district.  Mesa Public Schools offers many choices in education and   welcomes open-enrollment students from another Mesa school or another district.

Open Enrollment Calendar   
Early Open Enrollment Period – Prior to March 1
For any application submitted before March 1, the student will be notified of the acceptance decision by April 1. If accepted, the school requests confirmation within two weeks of notification that the student will attend. The names of applicants who are not accepted will be placed on a waiting list.

Regular Open Enrollment Period – March 1 to Start of School
Schools continue to accept applications and maintain a waiting list. Schools notify students who are accepted from a waiting list and request confirmation that the applicants will attend school the following year. Acceptance and confirmation continues until the school meets capacity.

Open Enrollment During the Current School Year    
An application for the current school year will be acted upon at the discretion of the school principal on a case-by-case basis.
If openings are insufficient, eligible applicants will be placed on a waiting list and notified if openings occur.

*Please be sure to submit student's most recent transcript or report card, discipline, and attendance records with open enrollment application.