Skyline Counseling

Who is my Counselor?

Each Skyline student will be assigned a counselor based on their last name and will get to know you, as well as your family, throughout your high school education!

Connect with Your Counselor

To see your counselor, email him/her with your academic concerns and you will be added to their schedule. You will receive an email response or a call slip will be sent for you with your appointment time. 

Mrs. Martinez

9th -12th: Last Names A - Ch

Mrs. Carswell

9th - 12th: Last Names Ci - Gl

Mrs. Preuhs

9th - 12th: Last Names Go - La

Mrs. Spencer

9th - 12th: Last Names Le - Op

Mr. Payne

9th - 12th: Last Names Or - Se

Mrs. Ledwith

9th - 12th: Last Names Sh - Z