Coach Cole & Mr. Moore – 2020-2021 – Algebra 1

Dear Students and Parents,

I am pleased to welcome you to Algebra 1!  Please understand this course is a stepping-stone to success in future courses.  Upon the completion of this course you will not only receive a high school credit, but problem-solving ability, critical thinking skills, and a sense of accomplishment.  I plan to give you many opportunities to succeed and look forward to working with all of you. This letter is designed to establish some ground rules for our time together this year.


Cell Phone Policy: There are no cellphones to be out in class at any time. All phones must be placed in the student's backpack prior to walking into the classroom.

  • Consequences: 1st time- phone taken for the hour. 2nd- for the day. 3rd- Parent has to pick up the phone from security.


Technology:  Canvas will be the main platform used in class.  Through canvas, students may have access to other programs such as ALEKS.  All students will be required to obtain a school issued laptop to access course content.


Announcements in Canvas:  Announcements will be made by date.  Each announcement will outline what the student will need to do for that day and what assignments need to be started on that day.  Due dates are included in these announcements as well.


Attendance:  Regular attendance is vital to acquire an Algebra 1 credit.  Being in attendance not only means being physically present in class but also means when the class bell rings the following should be in place:

  • Students are in their assigned seat.
  • Students have all materials for the day on their desks.
  • Phones are in student’s backpacks 
  • Backpacks are placed in an area designated by the teacher.
    • Consequences for being late to class.  1st tardy a warning, 2nd- detention, 3rd- Call home


Class Lectures:  Supplements to in class lectures can be found in videos in Canvas.  Each video is in numerical order, and will mirror the in-class lecture material. 




Summative (Exams,Midterms,Finals) = 60%

Formative (Quizzes,Warm-ups) = 30%

Practice (Bellwork, Homework, Classwork, Participation) = 10% 


Absences: Students have many tools at their disposal when they are absent to stay current in class.  If a student is absent:

  • Check the announcements in Canvas to see what is to be done for that day.
  • Watch the appropriate video.
  • Get the notes from a classmate.
  • Complete missing assignment for that day.


Make Up Test:  Tests/Quizzes will be made up/retook either in study skills or by appointment during office hours. Students have a maximum Three days, upon student’s return, to make up or finish a test.  Students are required to finish a study guide independently before retaking a test.


Late Work: First day late-30% will be taken off of the assignment. Second day-an additional 20% will be taken off the assignment. Third day-another 10% will be taken off. After three days, the assignment will be recorded as a 0.


Behavior Guidelines:  All rules in the student handbook will be enforced. Rules highlighted in class:

1.      Come to class prepared and on time.

2.      Be honest and respectful.

3.      Pay attention to what’s expected of you in class for the entire class period.

4.      Complete tasks assigned to you.




Grading: Students will earn a cumulative grade throughout the semester. Grades will be weighted as follows:

Summative (Exams, Midterms, Finals) = 60%

Formative (Quizzes, Warm-ups) = 30%

Practice (Bellwork, Homework, Classwork, Participation) =10%

(Students will be allowed to retake summative assessments in order to improve their score upon completion of a study guide)


Sign and Return


I have read and agree to all policies and procedures for Coach Cole’s & Mr. Moore’s Algebra 1 class


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