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Karen Correa and Nicholas Gonzales alumni members of Latin Club and Production

  initiation day for our new production/ascension dance

Production/Ascension Dance Company Skyline High School 2018-2019

Ms. Corinne Oliver

Email: ceoliver@mpsaz.org


      Hi, I am the Dance Director and teacher for Intermediate, Intermediate Honors, Advanced, and the beautiful and talented Production/Ascension here at Skyline High. 

     This is my 9th year at Skyline and I love it!  Dance has been an important part of my life since taking dance at Mountain View High School here in Mesa.  With the help and encouragement from my dance teacher at Mt. View  I attended ASU as a dance major and recieved my Bachelors in Dance Education.  After college I implemented and grew the dance program for many years at the brand new Fountain Hills High School  (way back in the 90's!)  I took a break to raise my kids before coming to Skyline High.  I have been teaching  dance for 13 years total.    

     Some of my other interests include mountain biking  (Usery park), travel (I just got back from Tokyo), ballroom dance (I use to dance with Fred Astaire and did shows and competitions with them), decorating, (I have too many decor magazines and enjoy fixing up houses), fashion (I'm a dancer, so this goes with the territory) hiking (I love to find waterfalls in AZ and believe it or not there are a lot), and spending time with my family. (Especially my spouse and 5 children, most of whom are grown but I still have 2 at home.  The youngest is a sophomore at Mountain View HS! and second to youngest is going to MCC.  

      I am also the Advisor for Skyline's Amazing Latin Dance Club. Please email me for upcoming audition dates and times.  

For a comprehensive overview of our dance program please watch our Promo Video that was put together by Dance Alumni Erin Ewing. 


    Magic choreographed by Mariah Utley