Mr. Fred Worm

Email: fkworm@mpsaz.org

Phone: 480-472-9547


Our objective for our art classes is to have the students participate in aesthetic activities that will promote visual awareness and develop occupational potential and creative use of leisure time.

I was born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, moved to Colorado and there I went to school, worked on a ranch and also did construction. I went to college at Colorado State College, Brigham Young University and Ottawa University. I studied fine arts, graphic arts, photography, video and TV production and PE where I ran cross country and track.

For five years I taught photography, video and TV production at Collins Art School. For another five years I taught photography, drawing, video production, ceramic and coached track at Queen Creek High School. Finally 14 years ago I came to Skyline High School where I have been teaching drawing and ceramics and coaching cross country and track.

Teaching and coaching at Skyline is great. We have a superior teaching and coaching staff at our high school. Our art students have won numerous awards throughout the years and we are continuing to help students with their portfolios and to get scholarships. Check out our online Art Gallery and see what some of our students have done.