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Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!  (Welcome to the Spanish class!)

Me llamo Señora Dalley  (My name is Mrs. Dalley)

 Hola estudiantes!  (Hello students)    Welcome back to school!


I am from Republic of  Panama,  my family and I moved to Arizona in 2009.  I have two Bachelor degrees (Accounting and Secondary Education from Universidad de Panamá), Secondary Education from Ottawa University,  a Post Grade in International Business from Instituto  Getulio Várgas, Brázil  and a Master Degree in High Education.  

I have taught  10 years overseas  and three years in United States.  

We will be able to learn a lot from each other, and have some fun as we study the Spanish language and cultures.  Spanish is the second most common language in the United States and the third most common in the world.  Learning Spanish is an amazing way to bridge the gap between cultures around the world.  The ability to speak more than one language highly increases your chances of getting jobs, it’ll help you in your travels and  help you make new friends.  If you don’t listen, participate and practice, Spanish may be a little difficult. But if you stick with it, Spanish will enrich your life.  It’s like I always say, “Great basketball players became great because they practiced, practiced, practiced.”   

Bienvenidos y Buena suerte!  Welcome and Good Luck!