Joshua Henry




I Graduated from Westwood, Class of 2015, and I'm currently attending Mesa Community College, majoring in Chemistry.

Skyline LogoI am the Native American Tutor at Skyline High school. I am also at Skyline and Red Mountain High School. I specifically tutor Native American students in Math, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry.

Red Mountain High School - Mondays and Tuesdays

- I will be located in The Commons before and after school

Skyline High School - Thursdays and Fridays

Tutoring will be held in the Math Building before and after school

I work with the Native American Education Program, to see what other services the program provides Click Here, and you will be taken to the NAEP website. To receive services from the program and also tutoring from me the students needs to have a Title VI Form which you can download HERE, fill it out and you can take it to the Main Office at the Student Services Building.