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Math Philosophy:

Mathematics is the study of change and all the various applications that
accompany that body of knowledge.  Most folks are afraid of information that
they don't understand, so one of the purposes of this class is for students to
truly understand the philosophical basis for the mathematics so as to be able to
overcome their fears and solve complex problems. 

Mathematics is not "fun", if we define "fun" as a shallow, temporary pleasantry. 
And no one wants " . . . the flow of their eloquence checked by such a vulgar
thing as a definition".   However, the mathematics IS gratifying . . . indicating
a deep, more permanent experience that comes with understanding and applying
complex mathematical concepts. As an old mathematician once said,
"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe."


I am excited to be a part of the Skyline Coyotes family.  This is my thirteenth year of teaching mathematics at various levels with Alaska, North Dakota, and Arizona. I have spent an additional six years teaching in the financial world. I have experience in teaching 7th grade math to AP Calculus math.  The process of working to find a solution to any endeavor has always fascinated me.  I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Education, a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Secondary Education. 


My history is derived from two hard working and self-sufficient parents.  They completed the eighth grade, but taught me the lessons that I carry with me each day. I am from North Dakota and spent my younger years playing ice hockey with the stipulation that I kept an 88% average GPA.  I was fortunate to play Division 1 ice hockey and try out for professional teams.  My family had three businesses:  a Chevrolet car dealership, a heavy truck dealership, and an auctioneer company. My life in those days was very busy and totally rewarding.


My adult life has seen many great changes.  I have twin twelve year old boys who are the best parts of me.  I have recently purchased a fixer upper home that takes up my spare time.  I have discovered the fun of riding my Harley Davidson year around.  I have seen the opportunities that higher education provides people and I continue to want to be a guide for those who believe that perseverance is the key to their future.


I wish you all success in all your efforts and opportunities.




Mr. Cox