Ms. Jana Hesselschwerdt

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"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" -Isaac Newton

Hello, I am currently a Special Education (SLD) Math Teacher. My journey to this position has not been predictable in any way. 

When I was a small child and a teenager I knew I wanted to become a teacher. I did not have a concise reason as to why but I was sure it was for me. However, when I graduated with my high school diploma from Bradshaw Mountain High School in Prescott Valley, AZ in 2007 I had not applied for any scholarships and, although I was accepted to attend Northern Arizona University (NAU), I was terrified of taking the next step in my education. I was determined to dig in my heels and avoid it. Being left to my own devices, I probably would never have gone to NAU. I was not alone however, my family and friends came up alongside me and, while encouraging me, pushed me off to my future.  

My undergraduate college years were learning years in many ways. I advanced academically and, while earning my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, I also earned a Minor in Cultural Anthropology.

When I left NAU, I did my student teaching in 3rd grade and came to the conclusion that the elementary school environment was not for me, this paralyzed me with fear. All the time I was sure I was meant to be a teacher and now what... What happened to my plan...? 

I did odd jobs for about a year when my family came around me and, after some frank discussions, pushed me to get back into the schools and start substitute teaching. This was just the push that I needed! After about three months I was requested to serve as a long-term substitute in a resource math classroom at Bradshaw Mountain High School (BMHS), my alma mater. Magic happened! I found my niche. I discovered that joy that I had once known teaching would bring!

The principal at BMHS at the time observed what I could do for students in the classroom and made it his personal mission to help me find a path to certification so that he could hire me immediately. He did great work and I became Highly Qualified in Special Education and Mathematics and earned my Master's Degree in Cross-Categorical High Incidence Special Education from NAU. I would not have accomplished all that without the help of that great man. 

I taught at BMHS until May of 2017 and now I have come to Skyline and I know that great things are yet to come!

"I will study hard and get ready and maybe my chance will come."                   -Abraham Lincoln