Mr. Jesse Twigg

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I'm the Computer Repair Technician at Skyline High School and graduated from there in 2017. Before that I interned in the CTE program for computer repair and worked along side the computer repair technician that was working at the time. Then July of 2018 I became the Technician for the school. Working along side interns prepping to work in a field like this. I assist users with their computers via software and hardware to make it possible for students to continue to learn.

I've always had enjoyed working with computers. I started with the basic classes like all people have to, and from their I moved on to the harder classes like Web Development, Video Game Development, and Computer Repair. I took part in the Verizon App Innovation competition and won 1st, and 3rd place with two different apps. The funny thing with that was I only had 2 weeks of programming in android at that time and we had to build a prototype app. Then had lots of fun building my own doom style 3d video game. Now on my downtime I have been working on my Dell Poweredge R610 with server applications to try to learn more about being a Server Admin.