Mr. Jeffrey Eummer

Phone: 480-472-9600


My goal for teaching is to create a learning environment where students can be allowed to question and evaluate the world around them.  Critical thinking, problem solving skills and the ability to analyze data is important for students to learn how to think rather than just be given instruction of what to think. In doing so however, students must have a comfortable, respectful, and non-threatening environment in order to encourage learning in the classroom.  I strive for a welcoming environment in both the classroom and the laboratory.  A wide variety of teaching approaches will be used to accommodate each student's diverse learning style and to motivate all students to connect with the world of chemistry.

Students should be evaluated regularly throughout the year in a number of different ways to access and accommodate the diversity of students' strengths related to the learning process. Some students are visional and others are verbal, so assessments include activities such as lab experiments and write-ups, short thought pieces on discussions, reading assignments, class participation, quizzes, oral presentations as well as exams.  Exams will include multiple choice, short answer, and true/false questions.  Students should be able to read, write and present scientific information in a clear and effective manner.  It is also important that students' difficulties with topics be addressed.  Students can arrange time to meet with me to address these issues.