smithMr. Larry Smith

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     I love teaching and learning.  I taught aircraft maintenance in the United State Air Force for 16 years which was awesome and gave me the teaching bug.  While stationed in Germany I bought my first video camera and soon after went to Desert Shield/Storm.  The Air Force gave me access to everything going on with my camera and access to allied aircraft footage.  I ended up creating a 2 hour documentary of our experiences in Desert Storm and was hooked as a videographer.

     Back in the states, I honed my skills with the camera and editing and went professional.  This gave me the experience to apply for an endorsement in Video Productions and TV Broadcast to teach.  I spent 11 years teaching Video Productions, TV and Sports Broadcasting, and Digital Media in Utah having a blast with great students.  Many of my students have shot with me professionally over the years and many of them have their own Video businesses now and a few went on to get their film degree.  

     I am excited to be here and look forward to some great times with the awesome students at Skyline High School.