My Schedule

1st-        Algebra 2nd Semester

2nd-       Algebra 2nd Semester

3rd-        Algebra 2nd Semester

4th(A)-   Planing time

5th-        Geometry

6th-        Geometry

All late work must be turn in by May 18th.

Retake Procedure:
  • All retakes must be taken by May 18th


  • Turn in all homework.


  • Come to tutoring and go over your mistakes on the test.  You will need to explain your mistakes.


  • You receive the grade of the retake whether it is higher or lower than the “original” test.
Tutoring Times:

Monday through Thursday
after school. 3:00 to 3:30
and by appointment.

7:30 AM to 7:55 AM in Room 822
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Grading Policy

A  90% and up

B  80% to 89%

C  70% to 79%

D  60% to 69%

D- 59%

F  Below 59%

Semester Grades
Summative assessments: 75%
Formative assessments: 15%
Practice (daily work, homework, etc.): 10%
Suggested Materials:


Mechanical Pencils Preferred

Mechanical Pencils Preferred



Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard Markers

Ruled And Unruled Index Cards

folder with prongs

Folder With Prongs

Graph Paper

Graph Paper



Donation of tissues boxes greatly appreciated

Donation of tissues boxes greatly appreciated

TI 84 Plus Color Calculator

TI 84 Plus Color Calculator (one will be provided for in class use.)