Mr. Drobitsky


I have been teaching since 1992 and am a National Board Certified Teacher and am highly qualified in Math.  I have taught Woodworking, Electronics, Automotives, Welding, Home Maintenance, Manufacturing and Free Enterprise, and, along with 4 other colleagues, wrote and taught the Mesa Public Schools, Principals and Practices of Economics course.  Seven years ago year I wrote and taught "Video Game Development" at Skyline High School.  I also teach Welding at Mesa Community College.


Industry Experience


I have five years experience as an all-around machinist, two years as a Manufacturing Engineer and program developer, and fourteen years as a free lance welder.  I am AWS certified in:

SMAW E7018 1G, 2G & 3G  up to 3/4"

GMAW E70S-6 1G, 2G & 3G up to 3/4" 


FCAW - GS 3G open root, GMAW root. 3/8"




My wife and I have six children, twelve grandchildren, lots of snakes and lizards, and three chickens.  All six of our children have graduated Mesa Public schools.  We love Post Apocalyptic events and camping.  We have built our own house and are living within and happily making constant improvements.




I love: teaching, machinery design and fabrication, motorcycles, alternative power vehicles, foundry work, wood turning, sewing, sculpture, carpentry, computers and last but certainly not least, reading.


Current tag line


Life: if you're not enjoying it - you're doing it wrong!

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