Mr. Peter Caruso

Phone: (480) 472-9493


How did I ever wind up in MESA AZ???                                                                           

I am originally from New York City and came to Arizona after I earned my Bachelor's degree at St. Francis College where I was a Division I Scholarship athlete for both swimming and water polo. I am often asked by both students and colleagues how is it that I chose to come Mesa, Az. when I grew up in such an exciting place? The answer actually is quite simple. While NYC gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience art, culture and fine foods etc. I also knew it was not where I wanted to raise a family. Most people who live there speak of "getting out" and often find themselves still there 20 years later. I didn't want to fall into that category, so I figured if I make a break for it right after I graduate, the worst that can happen is that I wind up coming back home with my tail between my legs. If I was going to fail at least I gave it a shot. Here I am 22 years later with a beautiful wife and three great kids living life in the desert.

Since leaving the Concrete Jungle I have taught English for the last 23 years at both the high school and junior high level and earned a Master's Degree from Chapman University in Educational Leadership. I have been teaching in MPS for the last 22 years (8 years as a Kino Kolt) and have been a Coyote for the past 14. Currently I teach Senior  English and English 101/102 Dual Enrollment. Additionally, I am the Service Learning Coach.